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Enjoy a stay in northern Jämtland in our cozy cabins located in Svaningen's leisure area between Bågede and Hotagsfjällen. With eight unique cabins to choose from, we offer you a nature experience in varied and beautiful surroundings.

For fishing enthusiasts, there are countless opportunities here. With the proximity to fine fishing waters and access to a boat, you will have everything you need for a successful fishing trip. Fishing licenses can easily be purchased separately at

If you are instead interested in hunting, you can buy day/guest cards for both small game and big game at

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Svaningen is a village in Strömsund municipality in Jämtland county. The village is located about 70 kilometers west of Strömsund along the "Björnvägen", which is part of county road 801. The area is also known to be one of the world's most bear-dense areas, and there are several predator inventories that are made there.

Here are some sights that are close to Swanning:

  • Frostviken is a mountain village located about 40 kilometers north of Svaningen. It is a popular destination for those who want to experience nature, culture and history. There are many hiking trails, fishing waters, ski trails and snowmobile trails in the area. You can also visit Frostviken's homestead, which shows what life was like in the area in the past.

  • Munsfjället is a mountain in Krokom municipality in northern Jämtland, about 3 miles from Svaningen. It is 1,188 meters high and stands quite alone in a forest landscape, which gives a fantastic view from the top. There are several hiking trails that lead up to the top of the mountain, including one that starts from the road to Munsvattnet.

  • Vildmarksvägen is a 500 kilometer long tourist route that runs through Jämtland and Lapland. It offers fantastic views, dramatic heights and exciting excursion destinations. You can see the Stekenjokk plateau, Fatmomakke church town and Gäddede fishing museum along the way.

  • Ankarede kyrkstad: Ankarede kyrkstad is one of the last remaining church towns in Sweden. It is located about 80 kilometers west of Svaningen, by the lake Stor-Jorm. Here there is a wooden church from the 18th century, a chapel from the 20th century and about 30 wooden cabins that were used by churchgoers from the mountain villages.

  • Hällingsåfallet is one of Sweden's highest waterfalls, which falls into Sweden's longest canyon. It is an impressive spectacle, which can be seen from several vantage points along a hiking trail. Hällingsåfallet is also a nature reserve and a Natura 2000 area, which has a unique flora and fauna. If you want to experience magnificent nature with a Swedish equivalent to the Grand Canyon, Hällingsåfallet is a perfect stop along Vildmarksvägen